The year 2008 was a new beginning for us. We started with a small panel of artists and worked in close association with a few hotels and interior designers to begin with.
Gradually, we expanded in no time through our creative work and recommendations
gained from our clients.

Today, Design Source also stands as one of the core manufacturers of custom-made contract and modular furniture, and, with all resources in place, we have flawlessly executed a few major retail turn-key projects in just a short span of two years since the very beginning of the unit’s operations.


Furniture - Custom & modular

Wood Contract Job: Turn-key project execution for
   Hotels & Retail

Corporate Art - Custom, conceptual and commissioned

These solutions have the style and quality found in the finest properties worldwide. Design Source can work with your design/procurement team to deliver complete solutions or can deliver pre-designed systems, each offered in a variety of upscale finishes. With our team of professionals we ensure that our products meet AND exceed expectations.
We understand the construction business. that's HOW we offer high quality innovative and flexible design
& art solutions, with an excellent quality-price ratio.
Design Source has extensive capabilities for delivering custom requirements ensuring
that the result is always exceptional and Timely.
Over the past few years we have supplied artworks and furniture to many hotels and worked in close association with top interior designers and architects.
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